Accidental Almond Cookies

A couple nights ago my friend Amanda and I were inspired. Actually I feel as though what happened was a perfect example of the title of my blog!

‘Inspired by Simplicity’

I was about to make some almond butter, a favorite of mine. Normally I dry roast about 2 cups of almonds and grind them in my food processor to make butter. Thinking about some walnut frosting I made a few weeks ago to top some raw carrot cake bites (YUM) I soaked the almonds first to make them nice and big and I hoped that would result in super creamy almond butter.

Well, it does not. The almonds were still wet when I began processing them and oil and water DO NOT MIX. When the oils began releasing from the almonds a strange globular separation began instead of nice creaming action.

I was loath to waste TWO CUPS of almonds. In fact, my almonds are almost gone. So, Amanda and I got creative. We added about 10 dates to the almond mixture, a handful of chocolate chips, a couple spoonfuls each of cocoa powder and cinnamon and some raw coconut. By this time it was tasting mightly fine. They were none too sweet but sweet enough. We rolled them out and cut them into hearts. Baking them at 350 degrees for about 7 minutes was plenty in our touchy oven.

They are so tasty! Simple and natural indeed.






chocolate chips

6 ingredients to an absolutely delicious cookie!

photo (18)


I wouldn’t do anything differently.

Stay inspired,