Picking up again…


Diet of a student-athlete-vegetarian in her very own apartment has commenced. I am back in St. Louis and I am so happy to be back!

After eating with my parents for a few days its time to get serious about nourishing myself. This morning I made a fabulous green-y smoothie: frozen banana, kale, soy milk, hemp seeds, pb w/ flax, boatload of cinnamon and ginger…

After feeding myself for a couple days I’m realizing my awesome trip to the Soulard Farmer’s Market was semi-inadequate. I’m so excited to go back and really fill up! Cheapest market I have every seen in my life. I’m talking eight bell peppers  for two dollars and twelve mangoes for four dollars. This is for real. I was high on cheap produce on Thursday. I have not stopped talking about it. I’m so in love.

Unfortunately, though, after a couple salads, a chickpea burger and a batch of basil hummus I am chickpea-less already! I now know I have to REALLY stock up on the beans! I really need to get some lentils as well. NUM.

Today for lunch I headed over to Beth’s with Amanda and the three of us made SUSHI! I could eat sushi all day every day. So easy and delicious. All you need is some sushi rice (uber sticky!), a few nori rolls and some veg. We just used avocado and carrots, thinly sliced, today but you could add shredded beets, cucumber, zucchini…etc. Dip it in some Siracha and soy sauce and we’ve got perfection. Served with some of the cheapest mangoes in existence.


So, We’re having to implement some raw food into our diet over in apt 3428D because our stovetop and oven are actually broken right now. Yea, are you kidding me?! We put in a maintenance request but in the meantime Jamee and I made Bruschetta for dinner! Complimented by mango of course!


So classes start tomorrow and I’m sort of excited but I’m also cool just chillin’ with my friends in our new apartments for the foreseeable future.

I’ll keep y’all updated…

Be blissful my friends,