Taking a Breath

This was written Sunday July 1. Whoops. Finally getting around to posting. 🙂

I knew last week was going to be a doozy. Now, standing on the other side, I am happy to be here and I am happy to have had last week. I made it through and enjoyed a majority of the challenges it presented. Splitting my time between the store, museum, nannying, taking care of two sets of pets and running 60 miles is a challenge and I am just happy my Econ class will be over Monday.

Luckily my nannying job is fun with kids who like playing ‘freeze dance’, soccer, going on adventures in the woods and having ‘lunch wars’, our version of ‘cupcake wars’! My job at the store allowed me to finish up some work for Muskegon Family Care. I got another set of recipes and two handouts sent to Jane for review.

Julia was awesome this week because Tuesday she spent her night running and doing my strength training with me:) What a good friend.

I was feeling pretty drained running-wise this week. As each run wore on me I planted seeds of doubt. I tried focusing on getting enough food to sustain my training and keep me filled with energy. I am pretty sure my feelings were due to a higher mileage week and it just wore me down a bit. I paid attention to how I was feeling and I hope I did my body right. The last two days reinvigorated me. I ran 8 yesterday with mom biking with me. This morning I ran 13 around Spring Lake with Dad biking by my side. Twas a lovely time. I hadn’t run around the lake all summer but it really is a beautiful run!

This just nails in the fact that I live in an amazing place. Also, Laura’s roommate was here this week and she said that GH is in her top three of places she’s ever been 😀

So. On to the important matter of APRICOT SALSA. This was a spur of the moment creation and a grand one indeed. I got invited to my cousin’s 18th birthday Friday night and they were doing Mexican. Friday morning I was wasting time waiting for Laura to come over and run and I stumbled acoss Love & Lemon’s peach salsa with mint . *Lightbulb* We had Apricots just waiting to go bad and I had a Mexican engagement that evening. I had ten minutes until Laura and Brook got there so I got moving.

Oh, deliciousness. It was a success.

Apricot Salsa


adapted from Love and Lemons

5-6 ripe apricots, chopped finely

1/2 red onion, chopped finely

1/2- 1 tomato, chopped finely

2 limes, zested and juiced

1 jalepeno, minced

handful of a combination of fresh cilantro and mint, chopped finely

salt, to taste

Chop everything, add it all to a bowl and combine. Refridgerate until ready to serve. Garnish with extra mint/cilantro.

The whole spread:

We had my salsa, reg. salsa, lettuce, chips, nachos (with blue corn chips, not pictured:(), delish enchilladas that I was pleased to find out were vegetarian, and a massive bowl of fruit. I want it all over again. Every night? Okay.

Then there was the cake my aunt made. Cheesecake brownie cake. Oh, lord. It was so rich. I gallantly managed to finish the whole large piece and extra ice cream to boot. Oh, lord.

So, in summary, I know I can make it through whatever life throws at me. With good food, family and friends, I am wealthy beyond my wants and desires. This was confirmed by my excessive good mood and Andy Grammer Jammin’ as I drove to GR to see my cousin for the first time in 10 months.

Give me fresh food, give me my running shoes, a novel and someone with whom I can share a conversation.

With Love,



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