Simple Words…

Sitting at my desk at Carlyn & Co. I began writing words in a journal. Just words…

Here are a few that I felt were worth the ink

Calm. Passion. Strength. Endurance. Love. Optimism. Kindness. Serenity. Courage. Independence. Patience. Respect.

I think these are things I strive for. I may possess any of these qualities in a given moment but it is amazing to me how easily the day to day grind can cause these lovely words to slip out of my consciousness. We may have the best of intentions but then someone says something that gets under your skin and we forget. As simply as that, we forget to be grateful for the life we have and the people we interact with. Every interaction is a gift and a mutual experience. Why not make it the best encounter for all involved?

We cannot control every situation or any person’s reaction but we can strive for a collectively positive experience in all that we do. We are going to be in crappy moods sometimes and the best we can do is just grunt our way through leaving as little carnage as possible.

Simple thoughts.

I strive.

With love,