“Pain only Hurts”

Last night I had the pleasure of hearing Scott Jurek speak. He was in Grand Rapids and had a book signing for his new and sensational book Eat and Run. Scott Jurek is an ultramarathoning machine and he does it all on a plant-based diet. Inspiring? My role model? I think yes. He is incredibly humble, eloquent and has only good things to say. He is energetic and he loves running and food more than I do. It is a beautiful thing to see. He exudes passion and optimism. And as it turns out, he is extremely cute in person. He looks awesome for thirty eight.

His attitude has me hooked.

In true homage to Scott I ran my 9 miler this morning unplugged. It was beautiful.

I made his Lentil-Mushroom Burgers featured in Eat and Run. I honestly could not believe how good they were/are. I’m a little in awe still. I couldn’t stop eating the ‘batter’ and almost didn’t even make them into burgers.

Mix of mushrooms, onion, garlic and kale

This is the part that I could have easily just scooped into a dish and eaten for dinner, no questions asked. It smelled so good!!

Lentils cooked in parsley, onion and garlic

Again, smelled phenomenal and could have eaten it straight out of the pan. This was mashed up with some balsamic and dijon mustard and then added, along with the sauteed veggies, to a mix of bread crumbs, walnuts, flax, paprika, salt and pepper.

All together now…

Definitely the best burger I’ve ever had. I had my burgers with arugula from my garden, tomatoes and some ketchup for dipping purposes. Perfection.

Update: My carnivorous father and sister are plowing through these things. “Natalie, can you make me a burger?” is becoming a frequent phrase in the Myers’ household.

Thank you Scott, for living your life so fully and so willingly. I bow to you sir.

(We went to the Twisted Rooster for dinner afterward. Holy deliciousness. Lemon-couscous salad. Goat cheese sauce and roasted veggies with a strawberry vinaigrette.)


One thought on ““Pain only Hurts”

  1. I just started listening to this book the other day during a 14 mile run. Great listen while running! I met Scott a few years ago when I also met Scott McDougal!

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