Notes from a Future Dietitian…

This week has been something else.  Tuesday and Wednesday were days where I got a sneak peak at my future. Tuesday I sat in with the amazing Dietitian, Jessica, at the clinic. It was a culture shock and very eye-opening. The demographic and variety of her patients was stunning. I’m not allowed to discuss the patients but seeing Jessica do her job was so rewarding and exciting for me. Our afternoon was spent teaching a nutrition class to Diabetic patients. It was a follow-up class so they all came with questions and many many thoughts and concerns. Again, very eye-opening. I do not think that I can quite articulate what I experienced Tuesday or what it meant to me. I am just confident in my career field of choice and so grateful that I am in a position to make a difference in peoples’ lives.

Jessica also does a maternal and infant care program and I am going to be able to join her for a day of that in July. My interest in those exact areas of nutrition seems perfectly in line with that opportunity!

Wednesday I worked some more on recipes and brochures for the clinic. Now that I’ve been exposed to the population I feel I can better deliver what the clinic needs.


Sarah Briton is such an inspiration with her untamed sense for flavor combinations and incredible knowledge of holistic health and nutrition. I know I can always rely on her website to be inspired, witness some beauty and always come away more knowledgeable. It is always a joy and yesterday I finally was able to make her Orange Blossom Sesame Cake. I’ve been eyeing this recipe since early March, back when I was kitchen-less in St. Louis.

Orange Blossom Sesame Cake

The only changes I made to her recipe were as follows:

No orange blossom water – I just couldn’t find it!

For the glaze I just did 1/4 c honey, the juice of half an orange, and a sprinkling of orange zest.

This cake has a bite to it! In a good way. The only way it would be more perfect is if I had cooked it a touch longer – the center is a little soft for my liking. I was just too afraid of drying it out I guess!

I also made another attempt at some black bean brownies. They are pretty darn good! I think there are a couple things I would tweak about them but I’ll probably post the recipe shortly. We’ll see if I can get a decent picture before they’re gone!

Last night was worth an entire other post. It was that good.


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