Essential Awakening

I woke up to a very dark sky and a bit of a stiff body. 730am, like clockwork, my body wakes and is ready to run. I munched on a homemade granola bar as I pulled on my shoes and headed out before the storm clouds made good on their promise to open up and let loose.

My legs were stiff from the 12 miles and strength training I did yesterday and I moved at a very relaxed pace. I really didn’t loosen up until I was about four miles in. My schedule said six and I knew that was the perfect distance for stretching out. A good first run of the week. As lovely as my solitary runs are, I look forward to a couple runs this week WITH people. A perfect mix of solitude and company is my dream and I tend to find a balance that suits me. One too many solo runs and I text a friend, If I’m feeling antsy I get up early and take off. What freedom, eh?

This morning was a time free from worrying about how I was going to schedule my week, accomplish what I needed to and come through on my commitments. This morning I found out I need to finish up some scholarship acceptance information and when I called MCC to schedule my next Econ test this Wednesday, the women said they don’t have a test for me. Interesting. I emailed my instructor and I certainly hope a positive resolution is found.

It is after noon now and the sky has lightened up. The sun is shining and I hope to make a couple sales over here at Carlyn & Co. before the day is up.

Tomorrow I should be able to shadow the Dietitian at Muskegan Family Care and then I’ll be working at the Museum.

Here’s to more runs that wake up my body and spirit. An essential part of my day.


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